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Why is travel insurance important?

Taking out travel insurance can cover you against things that could go wrong when you’re abroad.  Having travel insurance is important as it can help you out if you lose your possessions, if your flights and accommodation are delayed or cancelled, or if you become ill or injured while on holiday or a business trip.

What does travel insurance typically cover?

Travel insurance policies usually provide cover for the following:

Cancellation & delay: Including missed departures and curtailment of your trip.

Medical expenses: This will cover any costs incurred if you have to visit a doctor or hospital abroad.

Personal liability: If you cause damage to possessions or injure someone, cover is provided.

Emergency assistance/repatriation: If you need to be brought back to the UK due to injury, your costs will be met.

Baggage & belongings: Protection if your luggage or possessions are lost, stolen or damaged is provided as standard with most policies.

What’s included in your travel insurance policy?

  • Cancellation & delays
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal liability
  • Emergency assistance
  • Lost baggage
  • Natural Disasters Relief
  • Sport activities
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Alcohol-related accidents
  • Extreme sports

What type of trips do we cover


 Ideal for when you’re travelling for a long stretch of time to a number of different locations.

Boat trip

Whether your going on a fishing boat or large cruise, travel insurance will cover you for related claims.

Winter sports trip

You will be covered for things that might happen when you’re involved in winter sports, such as if you get injured while skiing

Summer sports trip

Travel insurance covers you for things that might happen when you’re involved in summer sports, such as if you get injured while swimming or biking.

City Trip

Without medical coverage, receiving medical care in certain countries may be a challenge and payment may be required upfront! Always stay covered in any trip!


If your heading off on a family vacation, you’ll even be able to purchase cover for your family or other travel companions.

Adventure trip

From the highest peak to 20 fathoms deep a policy that meets your style of travel. Take the trip of a life time worry free coverage includes lost, skier, diving, and golf rounds days, search and rescue and sports equipment rental.

Business Trip

Whether it’s a one-off business trip or part of your regular routine, make sure to cover your trips.

 Jet setter trip

No matter how many trips you make in a year, you can cover all your trips directly through the app.

Procedure in case of an emergency

AXA Assistance has the medical expertise, contacts and facilities to help should you be injured in an accident or fall ill.

24 hours a day.

The operators of the medical assistance line are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

Information needed

Please have the following information about you (person, who is affected by the incident) prepared:

name, surname, and date of birth

insurance number

insurance purchased

telephone number you can be called back on

brief description of the problem that occurred

Call the medical assistance line +44 1 737 334 402 or email:

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Unlike annual travel insurance policies, single trip insurance is only valid for the duration of your holidays and before those for cancellation purposes. When you take out your single trip policy, you can specify when you need it to begin and end. This means that you can book your single trip insurance months ahead of your break and look forward to your holiday without any worries.

Your policy will run from the time you leave your home until you return, allowing you to relax right from the start of your journey. It would also cover you for cancellation purposes after your purchase till the beginning of your trip.

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Travel a la carte has partnered up with AXA, offering travel insurance plans in conjunction with travel assistance services to not only help compensate for covered loss but also to provide support in an emergency.

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When it comes to travel insurance, it’s easy to think “it won’t happen to me”, but taking out a travel insurance policy is all about planning for the unexpected. You never know what might happen when you head off on holiday. Besides an accident, getting sick or losing your luggage can also put a real downer on your trip.
Travel insurance is a way to prepare just in case something goes wrong, so you can enjoy every minute of your break without worry.

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Whats is travel insurance?

Travel insurance policy is a sensible thing to buy for any holiday or overseas trip. If you’re injured whilst away, travel insurance can cover your medical expenses and any repatriation if it’s a serious injury. If your trip needs to be cancelled for some unforeseen reason, such as the illness or death of a close family member, then travel insurance may cover any monetary loss. And if your baggage or belongings are damaged or lost, then travel insurance could compensate you up to a set limit.

Do you have age limit?

There is no age limit for Single Trip policies although customers aged 80 and over are covered for European travel only up to 30 days maximum.

How does travel insurance work?

Single trip cover is travel insurance you take out for one trip, for a specific destination and a set amount of time.

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